E-commerce Trends to Observe

ecommerceThe world of e-commerce sales has reached a whopping $2.5 trillion in 2017 and this number is projected to grow exponentially. While many markets are well covered, there is still a huge potential of the audience out there yet to be reached. There are exciting e-commerce trends that will help conquer these markets There is the need to look at what lies ahead when it comes to e-commerce, because of the promising nature of this sector, It is poised to grow to more than $4 trillion by 2020 and it is potentially going to disrupt very many other industries.

Here are top of the trends to watch this year and beyond;

Customer personalization and experience

Customer experience is a big thing when it comes to the success of e-commerce. The trend of personalization aims at winning and keeping customers unique to their needs and tied to a company. Businesses that will work on personalizing their customers will stand to win big when it comes to customer loyalty and retention. With the world we are in today, customers do not want to waste time with getting irrelevant information and advertisements; they want information that is personalized and targeted.


Omni Platform and devices

More than 2 billion people are now using mobile devices to shop online. While not all of them shop for products using their mobile, stats have it that 95% of them look for information on products and services leading to making a purchase. Google estimates that 85% of shoppers start shopping for a product on one device and end up making a purchase using a different device. This trend provides for the need to integrate online platforms and devices to facilitate a seamless shopping experience.



McommerceMobile devices are becoming exceedingly important for e-commerce. By the end of this year, mobile devices are projected to make at least 70% of the overall traffic leading to an online purchase.  Companies such as Samsung, Google and Apple are making it even easier with the integration of advanced mobile payment technology. This form of technology makes mobile checkout are a very preferred method for many customers.


Voice Search

More people are now making use of voice assistance when searching for products online. By 2020, the number of voice searches leading to making a purchase is projected to exceed 50 percent. The voice search trend continues to be a big subject, especially for advertisers and search engines. Voice search determines how customers will be able to find products without having to visit a website. Businesses now have to think of ways of optimizing their listings with voice search.



Customers are yearning for convenience and increased fulfillment options. They want the best convenience in choosing their pickup and delivery points. They also want their goods delivered immediately. The delivery and fulfillment market continues to be very competitive and only the most convenient ones will meet the test of time. For companies to succeed, they need to be faster and more efficient and offer more options to their customers. We are poised to see an increase in terms of automation of the warehouse with autonomous vehicles that facilitate pick and pack.







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