The Power of Focusing on One Thing at a Time

One of the biggest problems we face as humans is trying to do too much at once. We may have the zeal to accomplish a lot of things, and the excitement that comes thereafter, but in real sense, taking too much than we can chew can be counterproductive.  I have always wanted to start different businesses and companies, but I came to realize success in any will rely on approaching one thing at a time. Inspired by Dream Builders in Fredericksburg, I hyper-focused on starting a home construction business due to my love in real estate, and it was a success. Using the same principle, and methods that brought success in the first business, I rolled to other businesses. 

Why Single Tasking?

Single tasking is the opposite of multi tasking and is better in every way. At the initial thought of it, our brains may resist single tasking because it is less stimulating. However, working on one thing at a time helps us diver deeper and do a better job. That way, we don’t have to spread our time, attention and energy on two or three things, that may get us less productive. Single tasking helps us create more attentional space around the work to be accomplished at the moment.

Be more efficient

It is important to focus on one thing at a time. When we have multiple things we want to work on, we prioritize all of them at the top and nothing really gets done. If everything is important, it beats the logic of priority. You will find yourself jumping from one thing to the next, and in most cases, you end up doing nothing.

Avoid stress

Focusing on too much at the same time becomes a breeding ground for stress, and overwhelms you to a burn out. There is nothing wrong with being ambitious. It is good to create lofty goals to yourself that involve a lot of work. However, for all your goals, irrespective of their number, focus on one goal at a time and work on it until you fail or succeed, before moving to the next.

Form good habits

Focusing on one thing at a time is like a muscle, that you build over and over again. Take it like building a new skill. You will need to do it over and over again until you get good at it. In this day and age where everyone is trying to get your attention, it can be a common practice to look at your phone, internet and all other forms of distraction. Ensure you put total concentration what’s on your desk for three straight hours, before taking a 20-minute break.

If you can think back to your last most productive day, you will find you focused on one thing. Chances are you were spending all your time and energy on that single task. While it is true it takes time and energy to adapt to being less stimulated throughout the day, it is worth all the efforts.

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